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Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church! I am delighted that you have found our webpage, and I hope to meet you in person. You are invited to worship with us on Sunday morning at 9a (find more information about our worship service under the “Join Us” link). If you are not able to make it Sunday but would like to learn more about the church, feel free to be in touch via email pastor@trinitylutheraneb.org or phone (717-259-9125).


I come to Trinity from a background in higher education, teaching theology for 10 years in the university and seminary. My approach to ministry reflects this background; I encourage asking “big questions” (Who is “God,” Who am I? What does God have to say about my life? What does the Bible teach? Who cares what the Bible teaches?), even if at first we might only find small answers. At Trinity, you are welcome to explore honestly, and deeply, and we offer several Faith Formation classes and conversational environments for you to do so, across all ages.


We also offer a wide continuum of opportunities to serve. Paradoxically, it is often in performing the service, which Christ commands, that we grow in our understanding of the command, and in our knowledge and love of the One who commands. I continue to teach students about the doctrine of the Incarnation, the central Christian truth that God becomes human. Yet the truth of the suffering God comes alive as classroom instruction is companioned with pastoral care, sharing in the sufferings of others.


I expect that you will find us to be serious about our faith, but also able to laugh at ourselves; committed as disciples of Christ, yet ready to have fun. I used to be a professional athlete (beach volleyball), and I still like to watch a variety of sports. My wife used to work in Hollywood film production, and we still like to take in a good flick. We also like to travel, hike, read, and write.


Once again, I hope for the chance to meet in person. Meantime,


    Grace and Peace,

    Rev. Dr. Aaron Smith (Interim Pastor)

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