First Time Visitor?


Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church! In the name of our risen Lord Jesus, we are pleased to welcome you to our community of faith. We want to help our guests with our worship service and get acquainted with Trinity Lutheran Church.

  •      Please fill out one of the small green forms located in the pew and drop it in the offering plate. If you include your contact information, the pastor or a member of the church will contact you in the very near future. Please introduce yourself to Pastor Scott after the service.
  •      Information about our church and the Christian life may be found at both the back and front entrances to the sanctuary.        

Our Worship

If this is the first time here, you might feel a little out of place. Our worship might seem strange to you. This is as it should be; holy worship is different from our daily lives and should always seem a bit mysterious. However we hope this information will help your participation in the worship service:


  • We primarily use the green Lutheran Book of Worship, found in the pew rack. Occasionally we use hymns from the blue With One Voice.
  • You should have received a bulletin as you entered church, which contains the order of worship, information about those assisting in worship today, and parish activities. Hymn numbers are indicated by LBW ### or WOV ### and are found on the top of the pages of the worship book. Page numbers (p) refer to the bottom of pages in the front of the worship book.
  • On the table near our sanctuary entrance, you will find a brochure as well as a current newsletter with more info regarding the activities at Trinity. Our worship centers around the means of grace God has given to nurture our faith: His holy Word and the sacrament of Holy Communion. Worship involves our entire being: body, soul, and spirit. Thus, we rise to sing and pray to God, we sit to listen to His Word, we greet one another with the peace of God. The sights and sounds of our service are our attempt to offer worship to the Lord in through song, prayer, and word.
  • If during the service you feel “lost,” just ask someone sitting near you for assistance. Our members will be pleased to help you.

Holy Communion

Through Holy Baptism we are all members of the Church, the Body of Christ. So, we invite all baptized Christians to receive Holy Communion. When the usher indicates for you to come forward, go down the side of the aisle you are seated on. Take a glass from the usher, then receive the elements from the pastor and communion assistant. You may stand or kneel at the altar. Return to your pew using the middle aisle.


If you cannot drink wine or eat wheat products, simply pass when the bread or cup comes to you. The Church teaches that to receive one element of Communion is to receive the full benefit of God’s grace in the sacrament.  If you only desire a blessing, simply cross your arms.

Children and Church

By baptism children are members of God’s people, and so we welcome children of all ages at our worship services. Our restrooms are located downstairs through the rear doors in case babies need a diaper change, feeding, or other needs during the service.


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